What’s for breakfast? DYK tomorrow’s Halloween?

Life continues to be frustrating (when is that not true?), but then something happens like what happened this morning:

It all started normal enough, with starving babies clamoring and begging for food, as usual. My kids always want sweet stuff for breakfast – things like donuts or Starbucks cake pops (thanks, Cam and Vicky!) or some variety of Eggo. But this morning, I decided to throw in something slightly less junky, one of those scrambled egg toaster pastry things. I had ZERO hope as I threw one chocolate chip Eggo and one toaster pastry in the toaster to split between the two girls. When they popped out, I set the girls up on the couch with half of each on their plates, plus a handful of grapes, and waited for their requests for more Eggo. It came sooner than I thought, but not for the reason I thought. They’d BOTH eaten all of their toaster pastries and most of their Eggo, but K wanted more toaster pastry. You could’ve blown me over with a feather; I told her I’d make another one, but again she’d have to share with her sister. Not five minutes later, she told me she’d already finished that one, and wanted MORE! And now, that’s almost gone. Crazy hungry girl – I guess refusing to eat while my parents were here is catching up with her!

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is Halloween, sooo…

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