What would YOU rather?

If YOU had to schedule a round-trip flight from Reno to Salt Lake City for you, your husband, and your two kids who’ve never flown before, how many times would you expect to stop, and how much would you expect to pay? Because I’ve been running into some CHALLENGES here – for example, which option would YOU pick?

  1. RENO to LOS ANGELES to SEATTLE to SALT LAKE CITY (17 hours, $350)
  2. RENO to PORTLAND to SALT LAKE CITY (13 hours,
  3. RENO to NEW YORK CITY to CHICAGO to SALT LAKE CITY (3 weeks, $3,000)*
  4. RENO to DENVER to SALT LAKE CITY (11 hours, $250)
  5. RENO to SALT LAKE CITY –> Driving only takes about 7 hours (not counting stops) and costs only gas, but we wouldn’t need to rent a car or car seats, and we could take basically whatever we need in our car

*Just because it didn’t come up on my list doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist as an option

1 thought on “What would YOU rather?”

  1. I’d drive. Hands down! I would stop half way and eat lunch at a sit down restraunt, then get back in the road. Saves a ton of money, less to carry, and it’s easy to stop for emergencies, whereas on a plane you are stuck.

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