Transitioning from “home” to “house” and a bucket list

I don’t even have a week left as a full-time-employed person, able to carry on adult conversations about politics, pop culture, celebrity gossip, TV and movies, and everything else. I won’t be able to gather around the water cooler or Keurig with my new co-umm… workers? Roommates? Buddies? Friends? The average height of my closest friends is about to shrink by two or three FEET. They’re my KIDS. Get it? Funny stuff.

So I have a little over a week left at my current job. Our house is in escrow. In no time, the girls won’t see their daycare provider and friends every day. It’s exciting to get out of the Central Valley (especially just in time to skip the extended period of triple digit temps), but it’s also not easy, living on borrowed time, with one foot out the door, feeling at home but also like a visitor, a guest, an outsider.

Our home that we filled with so many wonderful memories that I’ll cherish forever, is turning into just a “house,” but everywhere I turn, everything the girls do here, I have an intense, almost anxiety-inducing panicked feeling, that lump in my throat that soon I’ll never set foot in this place where we spent five and a half years. We brought our babies home here. They’ll never set foot in here again soon. But I guess that’s one of the many processes in life, turning a “home” into a “house” and a “house” into a “home.”

My husband’s thoughts focus on the job ahead: where should we put this couch or that bed, what should we do with the oversized Ikea desk that’s been falling apart for a few years now (Or our two dogs, for that matter – if you’re eve,n slightly interested, call me! They’re great with kids, friendly, etc. Free to a good home.), whether we should put the bigger TV up- or downstairs. That’s his focus, because that’s who he is; that’s what he does – he tackles big projects. He makes plans, and he accomplishes them. You can’t stop him.

While I’m also excited to move and get settled, I’m also frantically trying to put a nice pretty bow on the Central Valley part of my life. There are a few things I still have to do before I can leave the area for good, because if you can’t do the tourist-type things in your own town, what’s life worth anyway? Here’s my working list (some of which probably won’t happen), in no particular order:

Obviously, the eateries get priority, but it would be a blast to check out McDermont and the trampoline park. I’ve moved a bunch, and I always feel like there’s something left to do in whatever area I’m leaving, which is sometimes sad, but it gives me a reason to come back and visit friends.


So, where are you from and what would be on your list if you had two weeks left to see stuff there?

I also have a list of people I want to see before I leave; I just hope I get to make more of those connections happen than the ones on this list, because I know these ones won’t all happen – there’s just not enough time.

Ever been to Tulare County? Have you seen the haunted Hillman building? Anything I’m missing?

Who wants to join me? I know at least two of my friends would, but I’m not sure they’ll read this.

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