Runnin’ hills, makin’ excuses

Yesterday was our one totally chill day this week, so after we went for a very short but hilly run and a little while at the park early-ish in the day, we had a lot of indoor playing to do.

I am so pathetically out of shape, and even though I live in this wonderful, beautiful place with clean air, somehow I find excuses NOT to enjoy it:

  • I’m a hermit
  • I’m afraid of snakes, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and bears
  • I’d have to push an extra 60+ lbs.
  • I have too much home stuff to do

Geez, I need to stop making excuses!

These girls of mine are the freaking cutest, seriously. I love when they play together… Or even when they play separately, next to each other, without fighting, biting, kicking, or otherwise hurting or annoying each other or ME.

My husband had planned to make stuffed acorn squash for dinner on Sunday, but it ended up being a much needed lazy day, so the task of slicing, dicing, saute-ing, stirring, and baking was left to me yesterday. I’ve never before had the opportunity (i.e., CHALLENGE) to cut open an acorn squash, but after doing it not once but twice yesterday, I know that it’s NOT an easy thing, and even though the finished product is super yummy and not guilty at all, I will NEVER look forward to cutting those things open. Trying everything I could think of to do so, I was so frustrated that before long, all I wanted to do was blow them up or shoot them or something – anything other than use a KNIFE to CUT them.

I love where we live. This weekend, not far from our home, is the Wild West Fest, and I’m trying to convince my parents to join us. It should be a lot of fun, interesting for the kids, too. It’ll be our first time attending this event (we’ve only lived in the area for five months or so), but I’m looking to make community events part of our family traditions. I’m sure Mark Twain will make an appearance; it IS Calaveras County, after all.I caught my babies being nice to each other TWICE in one day? It’s a miracle. They wouldn’t eat their lunch, but that’s another discussion for another time.

We’ve been working SO HARD on trying, trying, trying to organize our… EVERYTHING… so I bought a couple of these for under our beds to store whatever – anything and everything, whatever fits – and this is how I know I’m a “grown up” – I’m SO EXCITED for these to be delivered! I’m seriously excited about getting something to organize my house. Q couldn’t handle my not holding her (it’s a thing right now, her obsession with being held) while I made dinner, so I plunked her on the beanbag chair and she started doing karate moves. She’s just training herself to keep the boys away, protect herself from mean kids, etc., so it’s all good.

Please tell me the fascination with pulling out ALL of the Tupperware eventually ends. It must end eventually, right? I really hope it ends soon, because even though it doesn’t seriously annoy me anymore, I really don’t want to pick up plastic lids and cups 17 times a day for the rest of my life.It’s so second nature for me to pick up all the plastic that I forgot to take a picture of the huge mess that was my kitchen floor last night.

Today, we’re “playing with the kids,” maybe doing some indoor body weight exercises, watching some movies we’ve already seen at least 17,000,000 times, taking a bath… Just the normal everyday stuff around here.

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  1. I’ve never cut an acorn squash before. Maybe poke holes into it (of possible) and microwave it first to soften it?

    I never had the joy of Tupperware being pulled out- I locked that up! It was always cutting boards and mixing bowls! Haha. He would sit in the bowls or carry them around with toys inside.

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