Resolution insanity

I have an announcement – NO! A RESOLUTION: I’m going skiing this winter.

I’ve said that so many times before, but I haven’t followed through in what seems like forever; it has, in fact, been more than a decade. But this year, I’m NOT pregnant so the ‘danger’ element is gone; we live closer than we’ve ever lived to any ski resort; and I hear the mountains calling, and I must go.

But I really don’t know who I’m kidding here. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing every time and expecting something different, I must be insane. If I go skiing, odds are that I’ll HAVE TO go alone, and that isn’t all that appealing, plus I’m super nervous about driving in weather of any kind, so this whole ‘resolution’ thing… In all likelihood, it just won’t happen.

I feel like that’s the way it is if you’re a mom. There are things you really want to do, that you plan to do and get all excited to do, but they never happen because all the stars in the universe would have to align, and that just never happens, so you just end up staying home creating some lame art project that you’ll look back on with nostalgic resentment because YOU created that with your precious kids – and they are precious – but you feel like you’re losing YOU. You don’t get to do those things that you once loved – and you still love, but you don’t get to do anymore.

Congratulations to anyone pregnant right now, by the way…

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