My parents are the best; it feels so good to miss our kids; and my current life mantra

We got back last night from a few days away without our kids, and let me just say how wonderful it is to be able to miss the kids. Seriously. And so important! Also, my parents are the best for taking care of our little ones for four days; I’m sure they had to manage more than they expected, but they did it beautifully, and we’re forever grateful.

This is my life mantra right now:

Isn’t it comforting? Anytime I have YET ANOTHER huge disappointment or challenge coming my way, I just remind myself that I’m leveling up and it feels somehow better, or that there’s a reason for this hard time.

Speaking of which, along with the host of disappointments I’ve had recently, I realized yesterday after an almost four-hour drive home that I completely forgot ALL of my clean clothes in the drawer in the hotel. I packed all of our dirty clothes, jackets, shoes, etc., but forgot my clean clothes. Yup, I’m a crazy woman.

In other news, we were supposed to go to a local Halloween event today, but it’s not going to happen because WOW we’re tired and we have way too much to do (how do we have this much laundry all the time?); we’ll have to hit up the park or something for the kids to burn off some energy.

We’re going to have to pack a lot of Halloween activities in before Tuesday night. What are you doing to celebrate (besides trick or treating)? Any favorite recipes, crafts, etc.?

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