My little corner of the world

Hi. My name is Betsy, and I’m here because… Maybe this is stupid… I’m looking for focus. For over ten years now (I know, super impressive, not really), I’ve had full-time jobs, but my husband recently got a new job, so we’re moving a few hours away, which makes my commute (not to mention the current daycare situation) just a bit impossible. So, as soon as the house sells and we have everything packed, we’re moving and leaving behind everything and everyone we’ve come to know and love these past 13-ish years. I’ll be leaving behind what was my dream job, and our dream daycare situation, but the opportunities at our new place are unbelievably amazing, too.

For one, I’ll be staying home with our two little girls, K (almost three years old) and Q (almost a year and a half); for another, I’ll get to have my REAL dream job, away from stupid, frustrating people and make my own schedule, doing some freelance writing and editing (Need my services?Email me!), plus I’ll have time to get in pre-baby, pre-pregnancy shape, which is SUPER exciting to me.

What brings you to my little corner of the world?

What do you do for a living? What’s your dream job?

Got kids? How many? What ages?

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