Making friends and getting involved in community activities

Just another lazy Sunday over here, but I found Weird Al’s 2018 schedule and WOW, this show would be so great. He’d basically HAVE TO open the show with “The Saga Begins,” right? That theater is so incredible, with a huge red rock backdrop.

We’re trying to get involved in community activities, make friends and all that jazz, so yesterday we went to Mokelumne Hill (BEAUTIFUL little town), met up with one of my husband’s coworkers and her daughter, who’s about the same age as Q, so that worked really well. Both girls loved their new friends – K loved the coworker, wanted her to push her on the swings!

Moke Hill was, as I said, beautiful, but it’s nice to see the kids appreciate the big open spaces where they can run and jump and skip and do just about anything. (NOTE TO SELF: Must get them out of the house more often. How to do that while remaining homebody/hermit status myself? Need to find a way.)

They even made random new friends from the park! I love living in a place that you don’t have to worry about gangs and guns. It’s an adjustment, but a GREAT one. Still, there was a funny drunk woman on the phone at the park; K ran up to her, hugged her, and ran away to play with the other kids. Later, when the kids decided to “play yoga” (well, one of the girls decided to “play yoga,” but K misunderstood and misinterpreted it as “play yogurt” – that’s my girl), the woman jumped in, empty wine bottle in hand, to demonstrate child’s pose for them. Quite the scene.

Who wants to come see Weird Al at Tuacahn with me on Star Wars Day?

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