Leaving the kids with grandparents; touring Carmel by myself

It’s business conference season! That means I got to leave the kids at home while my husband and I head out for a few days away from our normal routines (wait, do I even have a ‘normal’ routine?). Before we left, I prepped K (3.5yo), told her about the exciting things my parents would do with them, where they’d go, etc. She was just getting over being sick after getting her flu shot (I’ve heard the reasoning, but SERIOUSLY I think I got sick from her getting sick from her flu shot; nobody can convince me that the shot doesn’t get you just a little sick… but I digress). She seemed to be a little nervous but overall okay with it (“Okay, Q will stay here but I want to go with YOU!”), and she’s been doing okay (even if she’s taken her frustration and nervousness out on her little sister); they’re both the cutest little troopers.

The first morning, I walked with my husband to his first meeting/session/whatever, and as usual he was a little overdressed, so he quick gave me his tie for me to take back to the room, but of course I had to carry it in style!

We’re so silly. I’m not sure I’m allowed to say this, but sometimes I feel like I’m all MOM all day, I can’t relax and let myself be silly and weird, but when it’s just the two of us, it’s easier. I guess I do funny and silly things with the kids, but it’s just different. Anyone else feel like this? It’s just different. Obviously you have a different relationship with your kids than you do with your spouse, right?

While the cats are away, the little kiddies leave their bedroom light on all night (true story, BTW). Then the cats get to watch from afar as the little kiddies wake up but stay in bed for a half hour or so. They’re too cute, laughing and talking from their own beds.

Q will be two years old next month, and finally breaking twenty pounds. The other night, my husband this guy I know a random stranger had a dream that someone called CPS on us for not feeding Q enough. That idea is so ridiculous I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculous it is! The girl eats all day. As soon as she’s done with a meal, she starts asking for snacks. She might be part gremlin: If you don’t give her something to eat within the first half hour of her day, she’ll tear you apart! She’s #hangry and she’ll let you KNOW she’s ready to eat. I’ve told my parents this, but it’s one thing to hear that and another thing to experience it, which they have now, and it seems that they get it. We’re constantly feeding this girl!

Waffles are one of her favorites, and unlike her big sister, Q actually eats them! The morning I took these pictures (all the SAME morning, BTW), she ate apple slices, scrambled eggs, and a waffle.

Then, when she saw my dad eating his plain oats and muesli with milk, she went in for some of his (why would she want that?)! Seriously, it’s like she’s the Brad Pitt character from Ocean’s Eleven! She can’t NOT eat. See? Crazy little girl.

Back in my little world, I decided to brave the great outdoors – in a car! I drove myself over to Carmel-by-the-Sea and Ocean Avenue, where I’ve been before, but never alone.

I can’t be the only one that enjoys alone time as much as I do. Just me and a bamboo fence… and a million other people walking along the little side streets of Carmel-by-the-Sea. (Sadly, I didn’t see Clint Eastwood even once, loser.)

Wandering through a bookstore (with real actual touchable books, no less!), I found this one that we already have – the illustrator is a friend of my mom’s! Yay Joy Allen! Such cute drawings; I love her art.

Nothing to see her, just a secret path to a hidden hideout… or another tourist shop, whatever. Isn’t Carmel beautiful? I’d love to live here, if not for the hoardes of tourists and nowhere to park… and if I could afford it (who can afford it?). But seriously how cool would it be to walk down this little alley to get to your front door every day? Totally cool.

Like it’s no big deal, I picked up a cup of the world’s best artichoke soup and took it along with my droopy eyelid and the bag of bread they gave me down to the beach to eat while I sat on a tree branch and almost fell asleep watching the ocean waves crash, crash, crash. So peaceful!

I was so hungry last night, and I’ve been nursing a raging headache for going on four stinkin’ days now, so as soon as the meal was served (at what felt like midnight), I ate and then walked back to our room to cuddle in bed. Today should be a bit less formal, with NO planned conference-related anything, and the whole rest of today to ourselves, hallelujah!

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