I’m “bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD!”

No, don’t argue – it’s true. It must be true, or why would someone tell me it over and over again like that? Also, it’s not the first time I’ve been the subject of this person’s vitriol, but I keep taking it, because even though she says these things, and occasionally hits me, kicks me, yells at me, and (on rare occasions) BITES me, I know she doesn’t mean it. Eventually, she’ll apologize, but she’ll do it all over again, sometimes just five minutes later. Or two. Whatever.

The fact is, I know she loves me, because that’s another part of the repertoire, the apology, the “i’m sorry; I’ll never yell at you.” It’s always back and forth, up and down, with us, and I think it might keep going like that until I die.

Why do I stay in contact with this person who obviously has anger and control issues? It’s simple, really:

She’s my baby.

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