Expecting the unexpected x2 !?

When we moved from the suburbs to a rural CC&R community 150 miles away, there’s something we didn’t anticipate. We knew it would take longer to get to grocery stores and other shopping. We realized we’d stay in more than before. We knew there’d be a lot more wildlife in the mountains. We didn’t think our dogs would turn into newborn babies overnight in our new home!

There are no fences allowed in our new neighborhood – a fact that we simultaneously love (98%) and hate (2%). We only hate it because WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH OUR DOGS?!

My husband doesn’t get paid the big bucks for nothin’ though – he did his research and found a way to contain the dogs without a fence: he strung a very strong, thick wire from one tree to another, and then two other wires dangle down from it. You link the dogs’ collars or harnesses to those, so they can run, get water and food, go in the sun, shade, or on the deck. It’s nothing cruel or unusual. There’s no abuse going on here.

See? Genius.

We hooked it up and let them chill on it for a bit. The girls got to watch the dogs from the upstairs deck, and wanted to throw them crackers here and there, which we allowed. Usually, the dogs attack food, but not this time, so I went to check on them.

Gone. One dog had slipped out of her harness, and the other had chewed herself out of hers. Now our dogs roamed the neighborhood that has strict leash laws. Now we’re the new people that can’t control their dogs. We’re the trouble makers. BUT WERE NEVER THE TROUBLE MAKERS!

I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Now, we have to take the dogs out multiple times a day (and once a night) when we used to rely solely on our fence and our doggie door that allowed the dogs to enter and exit any time of day or night.

When they need to be fed, they pester us; when they want outside, they pester us. Not that these are inherently bad things – I don’t mean anything negative when I say “pester,” but it’s not what we’re used to, so CONGRATULATIONS TO US, it’s almost like we have two newborns!

Or maybe we just suck as pet owners.

It’s probably that. We’re horrible pet owners.

And we’ll never get a puppy. I’m not sad about that.

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  1. I so know the struggle with no fenced yard!! They have cool collars you can get that train them to not pass the barriers set by dug-in boundary markers. The lady i worked for had those work well.

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