Every box is like Christmas!

My husband’s new position demanded our relocation – or he’d have a three-hour one-way commute (spending six hours a day just driving to and from a job? #unacceptable). Fortunately, his contract included a relocation allowance, which we used to hire packers/movers and rent not just one, not just two, but THREE Uhaul vehicles – a 26’, a 15’, and a trailer. It appears as though we’ve accumulated a LOT of stuff over the years (as people are wont to do), especially when trying to make a 3300 square foot house feel comfortable and not empty as it was when we moved in from a 1400 square foot house five and a half years before.

We packed a good amount of our stuff ourselves months ago, when we found out we’d be moving and therefore selling our house; and then we got movers. “How great is this? They’ll pack everything else and we won’t even have to worry.” We were so naïve.

Movers are great if you don’t have anything breakable (glasses), valuable (curio cabinet), or important to your daily life (laptops) that their packing could screw up in any way.

Well, the movers we hired – just a group of guys who may or may not have passive aggressive anger issues stemming from not getting enough/any love during their childhoods – decided that because we neglected to obtain the exact type and number of Uhaul boxes and wrapping paper they requested, or maybe because they were loaded, high as kites on speed or whatever (they worked their tails off, and we never saw them eat anything – weird), they had every right to do stupid stuff like put a box of medication on a truck (that we specifically directed them NOT to put on a truck), forget to pack entire cabinets and drawers (including a shelf of cologne), and pack my laptop case at the bottom of an upside down box labeled “master BR sweaters” (that was labeled on the INSIDE flap, thus negating the purpose of the label, not that it mattered anyway – and by the way, NO sweaters in that box). Crack addicts? VERY possible.

So remember, kids, when you’re moving your homes and your lives to a new location, pull all the strings you can possibly pull so that you can pack your stuff yourself, and as always, if you want a job done wrong, hire someone else to do it.

What painful or expensive lessons have you learned the hard way recently?

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