7 ways to get kids to eat

Hey there. It’s been a crazy week, but I’m back! Q says hi. Today we’re excited to share some meal ideas.

I know it’s not easy getting kids to eat veggies… Sometimes, just getting them to eat ANYTHING is a challenge. (Just yesterday, I made chocolate chip cookies and K hated them. Whatever, little punk.)

Fortunately, I’ve experimented and found some things that work for us. I hope they work for you, too. And comment with other tips you have because kids are hard – we gotta stick together, amiright? 

1.  Change of scenery. My kids eat at a table most of the time, but sometimes (snack times mostly) a change of venue is just the ticket to get their munching back on track.

2.  Also, eating out of a cup or bowl can give kids (and me – I love ice cream in a cup!) some level of excitement. Weird but true. Why not change things up? It’s the same food, right? 

3.  Finger foods are always fun. Studies have shown that the more kids get to choose the foods they eat, and the more they get to experiment (i.e., play) with them, the more likely they are to eat them. 

4.  If you live somewhere you can eat outside, do it – the fresh air and natural entertainment can do wonders for distracting kids from the real task at hand: eating. Suddenly food becomes a habit, which can be great (not so great for adults, but that’s beside the point).

5.  Provide so many different choices their heads explode. When we took lunch to the pool the other day, I filed an oversized ice cube tray with a bunch of different things, a variety of different flavors:

  • 1/2 honey sandwich
  • 1/2 peanut butter sandwich
  • Green beans
  • Veggie straws
  • Froot Loops
  • Graham crackers

And here’s another lunch selection:

  • Olives
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Melon balls
  • Bananas
  • Mac and cheese

6.  Distraction, distraction, distraction! If they’re distracted by a movie or TV show but there’s a plate (or cup or bowl, of course) of something in front of them, BAM, they’ll eat. Same thing goes for watching other kids play at the park.

[Insert super cute picture of girls eating in front of TV]

(Stupid picture won’t upload)

7.  Make it a novel experience. Obviously this one can’t work every time, or it loses the novelty. This time, eating dinner at Daddy’s office worked really well.

How do you get your kids to eat?

What’s the best/worst thing your kids like to eat?

K loves broccoli, but hates my cookies. She could eat her weight in Goldfish and Cheez-Its. Q loves green beans and apples… And fruit snacks and lollipops. She could eat her weight in anything sweet.

1 thought on “7 ways to get kids to eat”

  1. James loves chicken and bananas but also likes Twinkies (Not my fault) and chips-any kind, any flavor. Even jalapeno…

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