7 tips on surviving a wedding with toddlers

Spectating a wedding shouldn’t be as stressful as participating (planning, organizing, shopping for  it, etc.), but it can be. I know this because

A) I got married, and

B) I took my two toddlers by myself to a wedding last night

I know others might be fine taking their seven kids under six years old everywhere, but not everyone can. I want to  let you know what I did that helped me survive, and some things I wish I hadn’t done:

  • Visualize success. Believe, have faith, and KNOW that it’ll be okay. Know that you’re in control of the situation and can handle anything that comes your way.
  • Bring technology, but set it to mute, no sounds, including games. This one was a total lifesaver for my 19-month-old (unusual, since my three-year-old usually hogs the tech).

      Thanks, Q, awesome picture. I’ll treasure it forever. #deleted

      • Sit somewhere it’s easier to make a fast getaway. Maybe you won’t NEED to run screaming from the ceremony leaving your kids behind, but you never know. It’s always good to have the option.
      • Dress them cute, because if (when) they misbehave, other attendees will likely go easier on them if they’re at least dressed for the occasion.

      • Bring snacks that don’t require unwrapping and don’t make much noise. A wedding ceremony isn’t the time for popcorn, chips, or granola bars (unless you’ve already unwrapped them).
      • Bring quiet toys, like hand fans (which were given out at this warm outdoor wedding), chewy toys, or stuffed animals. All are acceptable for children to bring to a wedding.

      Now for what NOT to do:

      • Don’t even consider signing the wedding book or frame while your kids run around your legs and your purse is on the ground, because invariably they’ll reach into your purse, grab the sharpie, take the cap off, and then all hell will break loose. For example. Our you could get lucky and another guest could realize you have your hands full and snag the pen from your little trouble maker, thus saving the day.
      • Don’t bring messy snacks, regardless of how quiet they are or how quiet they keep your kids. Because nothing spoils cute wedding dresses and pictures like a face covered in chocolate… or peanut butter… or…
      • Don’t forget the diapers and wipes! I don’t think this requires too much explanation. Kinda obvious. Diaper explosions can happen anytime, and a potty trained toddler can easily get too excited or distracted to ask to go to the potty. 

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