Friday Favorites

Starting a new tradition – in my world, it makes things more fun, because I have something to look forward to. So today, let’s start one that’s been around the block more than a few times: FRIDAY FAVORITES.


I’ve been eating WAY more than my fair share of junk food – anything with sugar – recently, and I’ve been paying the price, with dehydration and eating way too many calories, gaining weight (has a little to do with stress too), blah blah… Anyway, these are saving me from myself. I do NOT even care if they’re made for kids or whatever – they’re just yummy, and I could eat an entire bag in one sitting. Maaaaaybe that’s my weight gain issue. Nah…


I’m eagerly waiting for the return of the Underwoods

But until the end of the month when the new season comes out, I’ve been occasionally Netflix bingeing on The Good Wife. I really like Mr. Big (a.k.a. Chris Noth, but I’ll always see him as Mr. Big) in it; I like Julianna Margulies, but she’s not my favorite character in the history of leading ladies. She’s so serious. Does she have to be serious ALL the time? Girl power and all, woohoo, but honestly, I need some form of comic relief every once in a while.

This just in: Seriously, I just finished the whole bag. If I’m gonna binge, at least I’ve got a great way to purge: by getting rid of “personal” things in our house so we can sell this sucker and get outta here!


With K’s recent troubles sleeping, I’ve tried everything, including Benadryl (just for one night, I swear), a new projector nightlight, reading before bed, quiet videos, going to the park… None of it worked. And now I’ve started using this thing, this essential oil, and it works, and it’s magnificent.

Speaking of this sleep aid, my final favorite of the week:


It’s like sleep and I can’t get enough of each other, as is evidenced by my completely blacking out an hour of my life earlier today. The part where I drove back to daycare to drop off Q. Which is what caused a mental episode wherein I convinced myself that I’d left her locked in the back of my car, then called daycare to make SURE that they SAW me drop her off. Yeah, I’m sleep deprived, stressed, and everything else.

Side note: Thank you to Yesenia, who patiently allowed me to vent to her this afternoon even though we hardly ever say anything more than “good morning” (etc.) to each other. You’re obviously a truly great person, and I’m glad you wer there, and asked if I was okay. Maybe she’s another favorite. Yeah, she rounds out the list nicely.

What are some of your recent or new-found favorites?

Especially books. I started one recently, but as soon as I’m done with that one, I’ll need another, so feel free to shoot me some titles.

Do you participate in any group or social media activities?

What are you looking forward to?

I might have a new favorite starting in a couple of weeks. It’s a new radio station. High hopes.


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  1. You are so inraisptional and you talk sensation. That is important. You might be intelligent and you might have a lot of heart. I like your posts!

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